Month: June 2012

  • We Never Change.

    “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”

    Last night, I stepped outside to the deck of my pool feeling the cool summer wind. I uncovered the fire pit that was about to be lit for the first time this summer. The sun had set, and the warmth of the air dimmed slightly. I impatiently waited for the arrival of three friends. They have been in my life since before high school, which means I’ve spent time with them for over six years. We ignited the fire, which gave us that secure feeling of being together again. It’s been two years since we graduated high school. We all had a significant item in our laps. Our senior yearbooks. With the four of us being close, especially during senior year, we wanted to reread our signatures to each other.

    In this moment of time, it felt like we were seniors again. We laughed at the things we wrote, and remembered vividly the moments we lived. It’s honestly crazy how time has left us in the dust. But it doesn’t matter. Because what matters is that we were all together again. The past will never be forgotten, the present is us being together, and in the future we will relive this moment we just created.

    We never change.