July 28, 2013

  • Summers fly.

    I haven’t updated since late May. It is now late July and I’ll never understand why summer always has to fly by. To the point, I left for JMU early June to work as an OPA for freshman orientation. For four weeks, a typical day started at 5:15 AM and ended at 7:00 PM. These days flew because being an OPA involved a lot of details. I am so thankful to have had this experience. I journaled during this experience so I wouldn’t forget the little things that happened.

    My orientation (springboard) moment – July 8, 2013. I was done my last placement in Wilson. I was walking across the commons when I noticed Matt (another OPA) waving me over. Approaching him, I noticed a daughter and her parents. The father remembered me during Introductions in the morning and said, “So your from XXX, Pennsylvania?” Long story short, this family lived 3 minutes away from me off of the same main road. It also turned out that THAT FATHER is the guy who called the cops 8 years ago during a robbery that happened at my house! He was driving down the main road when the intruders sped off from my house and cut him off. ALL BECAUSE HE WAS SUSPICIOUS he called the police and did the right thing. 

    How in the world do I run into the hero 8 years later at JMU? Mind blown. 

    On another note, I am officially the TA (teaching assistant) for CSD 300 this fall. Yep, that difficult class I took last fall. I’m getting credit for it and I get to work with the juniors. I’m genuinely excited about this. Dr. R was all about it, too.

    I go back to JMU in two weeks to begin Orientation week for the first years. My job as an OPA is not over, and I am so thankful for that. I love this job more than anything.

    To be continued. Also, I really hope Xanga does not shut down.

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  • Just dropping a line to say good luck with everything you do. Xanga is expiring so…I notice you don’t normally reply to the comments on your blog. Is it because you’re busy?

  • @I_love_Burma - Yeah, typically busy. In the past few years, I signed in just to write my posts. I appreciate all of the feedback you’ve given me. Are you blogging elsewhere once Xanga is over?

  • Best of luck with everything, Nick. It’s been a fun ride & I’m so glad to have had the pleasure of getting to know you on this site. Keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re an inspiration!

  • @mizz_chan - You too my friend! BUT it looks like Xanga isn’t going anywhere! 

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