Month: March 2013

  • To Someone Else You Are.

    If someone asked you, “Who are you?” then it would be easy to say the basics. But what if someone wanted details and asked you to describe yourself – characteristics, positive qualities, flaws, and so on. You might find yourself fumbling for answers because verbalizing your identity isn’t necessarily comfortable. I have been put in a situation where someone wanted to know the good qualities about me, but I held back. It seems like self-bragging, but it shouldn’t be. In all, everyone builds themselves up to portray values they desire. You are who you are, so let the world acknowledge it. 

    To someone else you are – loved, admired, motivational, inspirational, disliked, envied, competitive, dedicated, perfect, clueless, scatterbrained, absent-minded, appreciated, sympathetic, caring, etc. 

    But above all, what are you to yourself? This is what matters the most.

  • New Boundaries.

    I am always fantasizing about where my new place will be. I want to embrace a different culture and lifestyle. I want to live in a world that is fast-paced, yet laid-back. I am envisioning a small, seaside town along the coast. One day, I will move away to a place like this and mark my new boundaries. The past 21 years in this town has been great, but my future is to be continued somewhere else that will offer more of life’s gifts. This small, Pennsylvania town has delivered greatness and many experiences, but it has reached its maximum potential. There are only so many pages left of this chapter in my life. The last few pages of Pennsylvania are to be embraced with much appreciation, but the next chapter is ready to be seen.