March 7, 2013

  • To Someone Else You Are.

    If someone asked you, “Who are you?” then it would be easy to say the basics. But what if someone wanted details and asked you to describe yourself – characteristics, positive qualities, flaws, and so on. You might find yourself fumbling for answers because verbalizing your identity isn’t necessarily comfortable. I have been put in a situation where someone wanted to know the good qualities about me, but I held back. It seems like self-bragging, but it shouldn’t be. In all, everyone builds themselves up to portray values they desire. You are who you are, so let the world acknowledge it. 

    To someone else you are – loved, admired, motivational, inspirational, disliked, envied, competitive, dedicated, perfect, clueless, scatterbrained, absent-minded, appreciated, sympathetic, caring, etc. 

    But above all, what are you to yourself? This is what matters the most.

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  • Nick, I wanted to write you earlier, but time has been escaping me as of late, with all the big changes going on in my life.  I wanted to say first and foremost how proud I am of you and the fact you are doing what you love…continue to do that, and never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  You deserve nothing but happiness in your life, and if you make it out to Ohio ever let me know–we can possibly meet-up.  I am going through some big changes in my life right now and its all for the very best. I am beginning to write a new chapter like you and could not feel more blessed, humbled, and inspired to do the very best I can.  I want to get my Doctorate in Exceptional Student Education and ultimately become a professor at a local university and or just do research–not sure what all I want to do other than that.  I am thinking and praying for you everyday, know that and if you ever need to vent or talk I am here for you!!! :)

  • @Endless21Echos - Ohio is full of xangans! Where are you from?

    Nick, remember that to someone you are that you’ve written above as well.

  • I am from Cincinnati, yourself?

  • Not as random as I once was, that’s for sure. And I know that you are inspiring.

  • Definitely important. I try to remind myself everyday of who I think I am to myself (rather than what others want me to be or view me as). It’s important to be positive, and to dismiss the negative put downs of ourselves :) :)

  • sometimes i wonder if my views of myself are inflated so i hold back

  • I have a habit of self-deprecating, blah. But it’s always good to know that you are important to someone else! :)

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